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Smrita is an Visiting Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. At present she teaches Design Management to 12+ students.

At Designlab, she teaches UX Academy students UX Design, Strategies and helps students with their 9 month journey in transforming their career as they transition as a UX/UI Designer.
Courses I teach

Following are the courses I teach on 1:1 basis with each session for 1 hour.

UX Strategy
A well-executed UX strategy contributes to user satisfaction, loyalty, and business success. It involves a holistic approach that considers the entire user journey and incorporates feedback and insights from users throughout the design and development process.
UX Design
Effective UX design is an ongoing process that involves collaboration, empathy, and a deep understanding of user needs. By prioritizing user experience, designers can create products that not only meet functional requirements but also delight and satisfy users.
UI/Visual Design
Effective UI/Visual Design enhances the aesthetic appeal and usability of a product, contributing to a positive overall user experience. It involves a balance between creativity, functionality, and alignment with user needs and expectations.
Who should take these courses

These courses are only offered remotely. All meetings sessions are held online.

  • If you are planning to change your career and starting out as a UX or if you are already a design professional looking to make a switch.

  • Well-crafted courses suite your style of learning and meeting the objectives that you set for yourself.

  • Each course will designed based on your timeline, caliber, your needs and based on your level of knowledge and skills. So whether you are a starter or a professional anyone can join. Book an appointment and we can discuss what best suits you and your schedule.